Ritual. Cleaning and filling the channel of money on the strength of Mokos

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Ritual. Cleaning and filling the channel of money on the strength of Mokos


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Ritual. Cleaning and filling the channel of money on the strength of Mokos

This ritual is copyrighted. When using a copyright is required.

Ritual consists of two parts - the cleaning and filling cash channel. If you do once the whole ritual, the work on the new moon. If you're doing in parts, the first part is performed on the wane, the second part of the ritual - the growth or strong days.

The first part. Cleaning the DC power to Mokos.
For any of the coin purse, preferably - maximum large denomination (e.g. coin 10 rubles), the water flow in this case, better river. My coin in the water, recite:

«As deepest river, filled in with the force Makosh to channel your way through punching,
Not overstrained, not so tired, it swept away everything in its path -
Stones, wrinkles, trees, windbreaks.
With great strength flowed shore itself moved apart,
Congestion is broken, eroded the backwaters,
Stones-barriers in the sand transformed.
As I have that water, power take-filled Mokos,
With his power of gossip, but their coin it omoyu,
Yes to channel their money will cleanse all the dirt,
All jams, wrinkles, but obstacles obstacles
Tina sticky, stinking up the swamp,
That money comes to me in the way,
The path to prosperity me close,
Yes in poverty-poverty live doom.
Running water that is clean so strong force Makosh Napo
According to my coin flows, sparkles,
Channel washes my money, everything that says it cleans.
Poverty but lack of money, bad luck in deeds,
Need, but devastation, but ruin
Said a word alien, il made a daring deed,
Kradnikami-perekladami, but sent envious glances
With me go, move on to the water,
Water with me through the coin are washed away, do not come back to me,
Otvyazhutsya from me, will flow away with the water, will find no way back. "

The second part. Filling the DC power to Mokos.

Any embroidery with wood. Molyneux golden brown. Coin, brushed in one part of the ritual.

Before you start to rewind the floss from the skein into a ball with the words:

«Makosh-mother, you call, you shy away -
Give me the strength to rule their fate but sew,
The well-being to the fate of her sew. »

Next, light the candle coated with a chirom Mokos and sew a coin to the web at the roots of the tree, which will embroider posolon crosswise firmly, with the words:

«seeds of its wealth as in a fertile land,
I am in my painting plant, a needle in the waking fixed.
Like any seed in the earth-mother grows,
Yes crop yields, not only flowers, blooms,
And this coin in my life to settle down the canvas,
Roots grow, but the tree of wealth appear! »

After that, we start to embroider tree. You can start to embroider the trunk, and then every full moon or new moon to add some apples, or leaves, or other fruits (guided embroidery).

«As the seed sown all life on earth grows so grows the fruit, is poured,
And coin, seed money, fruit-bearing tree on the canvas of my destiny manifested,
With each stitch so my purse leaf richer but multiplied.
As of my coins, seed money, yes Threads needle tree is born,
Roots, branches, leaves, fruits yes on the web grows,
So the money my channel grows, expands,
My chests with gold-silver filled.
Stitch by stitch superimposed on each other -
Coin to coin, bill to the bill in my purse folds
Develops, golden river flowing,
Wide stream for themselves the wealth to me implies.
Stitch on a tree - in the purse coin
On a tree leaf - in the purse bills from all corners of the world,
On apples leveling tree trunks in my golden mountain.
Where needle Coln, where the golden apple of the people,
Yes in my life manifest prosperity.
Where it was empty, but not naroslo,
There Zlata ripened fruits but in my barns laid down.
Zlata tree on my canvas stitch by stitch appears
Appears in breadth but growing up,
Zlata fruits poured,
In my chests with gold-silver appears without an account,
My wealth from stitch to stitch multiplies,
my income grow -prirastayut,
Stay with me, do not go away from me, in my coffers with gold going uncounted.
As long as the tree on the gold embroidery shine - my poverty but poverty does not know "!

© Zhiva_devitsa & Green branch
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Ritual. Cleaning and filling the channel of money on the strength of Mokos


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Ritual. Cleaning and filling the channel of money on the strength of Mokos

Sorry guys, I was mistaken. You must hit a ball into the trunk immediately after multi-ball begins before you hit anything else that scores on the table and you only have about 3 seconds to do it.

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Ritual. Cleaning and filling the channel of money on the strength of Mokos


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Ritual. Cleaning and filling the channel of money on the strength of Mokos

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