Money Flow for the Turn of the Year “Magic Pot”

Take a clay pot. Magnet. A wax candle. 5 coins. On New Year’s Eve or the first day of the year, we open a spontaneous circle, who knows how – opens, who does not – without a circle works. Remove a tablecloth, put a pot, put a candle in the pot and light it. We take 5 coins, put them on four sides of the world and place the fifth in front of us. Clasp the magnet in the palms of your hands and read the incantation 3 times:
We put a magnet in the pot where the candle burns
When reading the incantation, take coins from the appropriate side of the world and throw them into the pot with a jingle. As the candle burns out, put the pot in a prominent place of honor. Svarogu treby or work zakupom. Further I do so. I choose one type of coin. For example, tens, and when they give me change, I do not give these tens. Even if they ask for change. Each time I receive one, I count it as an amplification of the flux. I say in my mind that with this ten a cash flow is coming to me, that it was given to me for my pot. I come home and throw it into the pot:
Or I can read if there are many coins:
Let the whole family collect coins for the whole year. Simply tell to collect coins of one value – tens (for example) and put them in a pot. It is better to count coins on a full moon. Pour out and count, you can the whole family. At the end of the year, when the pot is full, we count the coins and bring them to the bank (for example). There we buy a silver or gold coin, which will be uncirculated. For what is enough – that and take it. It is for this change you buy, you can add a little. It is better to choose a coin in advance to like, be symbolic for you. You could have a zodiac sign, for example, or something which has a special meaning for you. If you want to use the pot, you should choose it beforehand in order to activate the pot. You can activate the pot again and start collecting coins in it again, for example, for a deposit or for a car.