Punishing Enemies on the Day of Perun

On Perun’s day – it is good to work on your aggressive defenses, to renew or put them. It is good to renew the protection on atam or other weapons. And also on this day it is excellent to work on your enemies, especially if you are looking for fair punishment and wish to retaliate for the grief, misfortune and other troubles caused to you. On this day – you should not ask for help, you should do and ask for strength for the work to be stronger, for the impact to manifest itself as aggressively and brightly as possible. This formula is for punishment. It is a rune return, for those who have had the misfortune to become your enemies – foes. You do not have to know them. You can do and addressless return, putting the formula on paper and saying in the intent of “my enemies unfriends” or “those who wish me misfortune and evil. And you can also do an address return if you know your enemy by sight. Then put the formula directly on his photo. How to work: put the formula on paper/photo, then put your hand on the formula, palm and read the incantation:
Read the incantation one time. After that, take a candle, the bigger the candle, the better. Put a candle on the formula (in a candlestick) and light it. After the candle burns – burn formula and scatter in the wind. When you throw the ashes, say: Ashes are scattered in the wind, to the enemy-unfriend, let it be so. After that, you must make a tremendous sacrifice to Perun: under a tree with a man’s name, pour out a bottle of beer with words of gratitude for his help in work. The words – say your own words, no, you should not write a text for 2 pages. If the words are sincere – then 3 will be enough 🙂 Yes, the ritual can be performed not only on the day of perunov, but on any day. Just on this day – better to go, and if the street and thunderstorms – in general, great! The formula consists of the runes: Perun chir, power, treba, perun, wind.