The “I am Woman” formula

This formula allows us to correct the imbalances within us. First – energetic, and energy is always reflected in the external state of both body and affairs. Three hypostases of a woman, three characters, three faces. We are women, we are different, we are what we want to be. If we focus on ourselves, on our inner needs, on our world, then the outer world adjusts to us. And if the orientation goes to the outside world, then we adjust ourselves. Happiness is possible in the first case and never in the second. This is the formula that orientates us inward. And if there are blockages and nightmarish horror, then it must be dismantled, so that all three forces awaken in you. The three hypostases exist in us in harmony, revealing 100% of their potential. Shadow Bereginya Shadow Lada World Lada Shadow Bereginya Shadow
Virgo – Lada – takes everything from life. She is young, beautiful, she is confident in her future, that she can do anything, she takes what she wants and does not even think about how it turns out, she is sure that she is in her right. The woman – Makosh – applies the experience gained by the maiden, she knows how to distribute, invest so as to get an income, she knows how to become the center of the world and everything will revolve around her, and she is like a conductor who rules the orchestra. The old woman, Mara, learns to give, not only to receive, but also to share. It is she who is responsible for wisdom, for understanding the situation and realizing the consequences. Maiden earns experience, woman – realizes and distributes it, old woman – shares it, distributing it into the important-unimportant. We are all three hypostases at the same time. Every minute one of them awakens in us. How long have you seen yourself different? And don’t pick on age, age and wrinkles have nothing to do with hypostasis. You can be a virgin at 92 and an old woman at 18. The question is what’s inside you. It has nothing to do with beauty on the outside, either. What is more beautiful: the rushing mountain river, the majestic Volga, or the river delta, when it flows into the sea? They are different. And it is useless to compare them. Beauty is a reflection of your inner self, and if you do not like yourself in the mirror, then inside you are no better. Intention to the “I am a woman” formula (new version)