Phoenix, relationship channel cleanse for a woman

Option for those who are in search of their soul mate.

The formula is designed as a cleansing and filling of the relationship channel for women who have problems in this area. Feelings of loneliness, stiffness and other blocks. But if the problem is serious and global. The reason is its generic negativity. The formula won’t take it away for sure. If there is any serious work on the relationship channel or celibacy, you will need to do some serious cleaning work first and only then will you put the formula. In any case, before you put this bet I would recommend doing a background cleaning. And then the stakes should be put on top of this and work on the specific problem.<br/>

Laguz – Denotes a woman. Saulu Fills her with inner light, makes her feel that she is no longer a gray mouse one of many, but successful and bright.
Gebo – Relationship of the woman
Laguz + Gebo – Relationship channel of a woman
Turisaz – We remove everything unnecessary, put in order the relationship channel. Here it is necessary to reconcile with the fact that Turisisaz can remove outmoded connections with Vasya. That interfere with the development of the relationship channel and close the paths. Keeps them from finding new ones.
In the middle of the formula a cleansing of a woman’s relationship channel. If a woman is lonely, the problems in the relationship channel are for sure. Accordingly, it is necessary to remove what prevents and creates obstacles. It does not allow the woman to find a couple. Here it is necessary to accept the fact that Turisisaz can remove the outdated ties with Vasya. Which hinder the development of the relationship channel closes paths. Keeps them from finding new ones.
Laguz is the designation in the first plane. Berkana comes second. She is still a single girl. And Berkana is on the second plan, capable to become Berkana, and find the other half after removing the blocks that prevent it.
Inguz – growth, development. Filling the relationship channel.
Pert – Opening pathways along the relationship channel, Shows the woman in the most favorable light in front of men Taiwaz
Kano – Gives her the opportunity to evaluate the options that have emerged. This is structuring and evaluating those very options. Those men who begin to strive for it. Not to rush on the first encounter, but to make a competent choice.
Taiwaz – These are the men aspiring to her, which she attracts after the blocks are gone.
Tyvaz-Solu-Feu knitting is a kind of filter criterion, so that no one shows up. Alphonse and the like.
Taivaz – Purposeful.
Soulou – successful and active
Feu – financially secure Well, I’m like myself, I would not want to choose from one. You still need a field to choose from.

Here is roughly the intention to the formula as I see it for myself.