Take your work off on a ball of thread

Buy dark woolen thread, preferably pure wool, and wind it in a ball. For work, reel off a small ball, the size of a chicken egg from the main one, and work with it. Take a photo of someone who worked on and with whom we will pull their work, on the reverse side of the photo, write the name of the work that we want to remove. For example, the subordination to you, Vasya, listen to me at work. Put the photo on the table, put your right hand on it, and read it 1 time:
Now take a photo and start winding threads from a ball on it. If the thread has run out, then read it to the end. If the thread has run out, then finish reading it to the end, putting your hand on the photo with the thread: If you feel that you have already forgotten (try to forget that you have already forgotten), then you must feel that you have already forgotten (name) and it is possible to forgive me (try to forgive me). If you feel that your beloved’s love for me is strong enough, and my love for you, and my love for your beloved is strong enough, then you will have one love in your heart. So be it. Wind it up and reel it back into a ball. Say the poem as many times as you want to reel it in:
If you want to get rid of a ball of yarn, you must bury it, burn it, drown it, throw it in a garbage bin. If you get rid of the clew, say: