The Fairy Formula

This formula will allow each of us to reveal our “inner” fairy, to become exactly as the poem, taken as the basis and which has become the intention, describes this wonder girl. It will bring your desires and “wants” to the forefront, you will become “important” to yourself, you will stop forgetting about yourself, unfulfilled dreams will come to the fore, and become interesting and very important again. Suddenly, you’ll remember that some years ago you dreamed of dancing the Argentine tango, you’ll want it terribly, terribly, and Mrzd, will throw you a coupon for the first free lesson. Miracle say you, no – you’re just a fairy now)))). You will see yourself new – romantic, dreamy, spiritualized, will want to realize yourself through creativity, there will be an increased interest in magical knowledge and experiences, will want to develop, no matter in what, in sports, foreign languages or playing the violin, but somewhere – something you will pull unequivocally. This formula should not be applied if you are not ready to change, to expect miracles from it, if you don’t believe in them yourself, or don’t want them to manifest in your life. In all other cases, I advise you to take a risk and see what happens…)) The intention is this:
How to work: The first and easiest option is to put the formula on a photo. The second option is to choose a carrier for the formula, such as a pendant, perfume, perfumed body cream, etc., in general, whatever your intuition prompts you. The third option is food – cookies, marmalade, chocolates, candy, whatever you like and are happy to eat, but no more than one a day. Apply, measure and voila …))) you’re a fairy!!! The basis of the formula-cheer Lada, cheer inscribed-star Alatyr is our fairy who believes in miracles, and most importantly, creates a miracle, looking or waving a magic wand, it’s someone convenient and familiar … Four wind runes form a crossroads, and this is the outer world in which our fairy realizes itself, it is light, airy, dreamy, whatever she had not undertaken, that would not think, what would not want, all she is given without problems, the outside world takes its desires for the basis. Four runes Rainbow and four runes Peace, in a circle, also form a crossroads. She lives in harmony with herself, with those around her, the world embraces her, and she embraces the world. She is happy to be herself, takes herself for what she is, ready to change, but exactly as she wants herself, regardless of the views and opinions of others.