Fire Protection with Semargle

Semargle – Slavic god of primordial fire and fertility, god-herald, capable to unite and multiply the forces of all Svarozhich. According to one of the versions Semargle fire god is the first Svarozhich, i.e. the fearsome son of Svarog, born from the blow of the heavenly hammer on the Alatyr stone. Protection is quite aggressive. Work zakupom, not the fact that will give good and permission))) Protection Cast the maximum possible candle (large), in a pinch twist together three regular candles, on each cheer Semargla. Put them on the photo (on the photo also a cheer). Invocation before the work. If protection is done not only on oneself but also on the members of the family, put a teal on each photo, put a photo in a pile, and on top of that a candle in a transparent candlestick. If you can do it outdoors, this is the best way, make a fire and work. After work, it would be better to put some wine into the fire, but not to dampen the flame so that it would not be less strong and bright. The incantation:
Trebs to Semarglu. Meat, liquor, fire, be guided by the feeling of what to carry.