The formula “Hot Passion”

This formula is good when passion has already started to fade and your relationship has lost its former flame. If you have not got a desire, you can use it as a challenge, as an arousal of sexual interest, and as a push to direct actions from the man, if he is not distinguished by decisiveness. The options of using the formula are manifold. The main condition is to let the matter go on afterwards, not to spin a “dynamo”. If you have done magic, use it). We need a candle, a transparent candlestick and a photo of a man (preferably a full-length photograph). On the candle in a spiral from top to bottom we put runes Krad Ud Treb is Krada – the very fire, the heat in the blood, transmitting sexual attraction to the Ood, the man has a strong desire to meet and sex Treba – you have to at least die) All this here and now runs into action – Is. Intention:
Read the intention on the candle with the runes applied three or seven times, as many as needed for the adjustment. Put a candle in a transparent candlestick on a photo of a man in the groin area, light it. Imagine how the fire kindles in a man of passion, as he rushes to the meeting. For the best effect, the ritual should be performed for several days (three, seven days – depending on how neglected the case is).