Home protection on the salt

Protection of the house on the salt Principle of action: we will build a protective salt circle, the purpose of which is: “Intruders entry B” ) ))) We take all the salt in one bowl (glass bowl, for example, a container transparent or monochrome, without pictures, purchased by rule), a candle, on it in a spiral runu Algiz, can Slavic Bereginya (who with whom Panteon convenient and familiar to work), put a candle in the salt, read 7 times the incantation. When the candle burns out, divide the salt into 5 parts, each part into a sack or a rag knot, again, we need to conveniently store it, and what will be a hand-made sack or handkerchief, it is absolutely all the same. Spread the salt in the house near the threshold, first sack and four corners, the other four pieces, thus creating a vicious circle of salt. The first sack is placed on the doorstep and the other four sacks are in a closed circle – in this way, the circle becomes closed. The incantation:
You can also spread it in corners with an incantation. When the protection works, collect the bags and throw them away, or you can bury them. P.s ritual is written for silver salt, this is for those who have passed the Practicum program, but it also works with the most common salt.