For peace and prosperity at home

When you clean your house, you remove the energy, the programs that bring negativity into your life, into your house, all those things that irritate, prevent you from getting what you want. Often during purges people become more irritable and aggressive, and when you clean the house, it can affect everyone who lives in it. In order to make sure that the cleaned space is not left empty or filled with whatever it used to be filled with (negative) and was created this formula. Its task is to fill the space of your home with peace, prosperity, family, respect for each other. To make your house feel not just like a living room, but exactly like a home: a safe, comfortable and welcoming place, where your loved ones and those whom you can trust, where it is cozy and warm. There are many possible applications of this formula, but I will focus on two. The first is to make an amulet. For example, to put the formula on such a talismanic bird:
But make no mistake! Such a bird must necessarily hang, and follow the movements of the air in the house. You can put the formula on any object which you associate with your home, with your family, with the good things that happened in your house. It can even be grandma’s favorite mug, because grandma bakes pies, the whole family gathers for her pies. And grandma always drinks tea from her favorite mug at communal gatherings. Once again: any object, any thing that evokes the right emotions for you: home, warmth, love, family, unity, respect, trust, protection, help, care, attention, understanding. And you will receive a talisman that will fill your home with what you, the house and all who live in this house lack now 🙂 The second way is to put the formula on a candle. You can do many candles with the same formula at once. Yes, a lot is 3, 10, or 100. After putting the formula on a candle, take the candle in your hands and speak it:

The formula consists of: 2 runes Peace – all the good that can be in a loving family and a warm home. 2 runes Bereginya – runes Makoshi, guardian of the family home, Mother, the one who cares, loves and protects the family home and family. Runes Reliance – runes family, the basis of the formula, something that allows you to remember your roots and to feel united, whole, unshakable, to understand what is important and what is not. After you have made candles or amulet for the house – bring the tributes to Makosh. It is not difficult: feed stray cats with words of gratitude to Makoshi, throw seeds of flowers or herbs on the ground with words of gratitude and that will be enough 🙂