The Perfect Husband Formula

First Plan Otal – family Teivaz Saulu Feu – with this conjunction we mark an ideal husband and place it inside the Otal. Here you should describe how you imagine an ideal husband to be. (*Explanations see below). Teivaz – a man’s sense of his masculinity exactly inside the family, not on the side. Soulou – the clever and passionate one gets his fulfillment within the family Feu – economic brings income to the family takes care of growth Including this conjunction denotes sexuality which is also realized within the otal – family. All that Otal he considers his own. The main thing is family and family as his well-being. Gebo – union with family and understanding that this union is mutually beneficial to him Ansuz – realization of the essence of a true man, father and husband. 4 Notes in a circle – forcing him to it does not give him to get out of the family circle. Going off to the side, taking his income to the side. Algiz – Preserving the inviolability of this, keeping the balance set. The runes of the second plan. Berkana – a woman – the mother of his children, for whom he is doing this. Children are already attached. If a man loves and respects a woman, children are an integral part Dagas – changes of what was before Wuño – the pleasure of doing this for his family. Big Inguz – his growth as a male head of the family. I want to say a little bit about the essence of a real husband. Not the one who cooks, does the laundry and mops the floors, brings breakfast in bed. If we are going the way of the runes and want to have a real man, not a henchman. Remember that the runes are an ancient tool, because of this, it is worth remembering the true essence of men as the head of the family and what his duties are, in fact. The way it was and should be from the dawn of time. The washing, cooking and cleaning the house are, after all, women’s duties and one should not expect the same from a man, putting this formula. The woman is the mistress of the house. And the husband should earn money, bring income, and be a support for the family. After all, a house worker can be hired on good wages. It would be money. This bet invites the husband to appreciate the woman – the mother of his children. Respect her as a hostess of the house. Satisfy her sexually. Value his family as a true welfare and understand that the welfare of his children in the first place. Must give a decent male upbringing to his sons. That this is where he should invest and not take his strength and income to the side. Understand that the family as a strong backbone is valuable to him in the first place. And to make this, perhaps, the main goal of his life. Because what is invested in your family and children will return with a triplet. And in modern life we often encounter similar problems, that the husband pays more attention to his friends or entertainment. He can’t find fulfillment in the family, and he doesn’t even try to find it, and he remembers his children and family only when he retires, or when it is too late to demand anything from his wife and children. Time has passed. What’s the use of making a patriarchal demand that he should be respected as a father and demanding this respect. This can be answered by the same patriarchal proverb “Grabbed when you rolled down the mountain” Smile This is the principle that can be expected from the work of the wok concept of the true role of the husband as the head of the family, but not coffee in bed, ooh-pooh-pooh and a million scarlet roses. If your husband has never done that, then don’t expect such an effect, no matter how much you have tried the formula. Here’s if your husband really let loose. Constantly hanging out with friends in bars, on fishing trips, bathhouses, and other things do not know where. Husband is his own family by himself, and he only puts up demands. And all the responsibilities end up hanging on the woman. Both women’s and men’s responsibilities, right down to the material maintenance of the family. That’s actually what this stavka was made for. To bring the husband back to the understanding of his true nature. Return to the bosom of the family as the father of the family. The power of his power runes direct, by force of runes my husband (Name) to the duties of men return. Become an ideal husband and father. To his family to turn to his face. Live by the laws of our grandfathers and fathers, as prescribed by centuries to be such. To remember that you are the pillar of your family and respect the interests of your family, not just your own. Understand the family members and recognize the personality of each family member. Do not seek entertainment on the side of the family, but try your best to be engaged in your family. To be a provider for the family, and to be a support. To bring money into the house, not a penny, and not to spend it on the side. Don’t look for interests and love on the side. And to surround your family with love. Remember that you set an example for your children and give them a masculine upbringing. Do not be rude to your wife (Name) as the mother of your children and the lady of the house. Do not try to raise your hand against her. Do not try to humiliate or insult her. Do not try to humiliate or insult her, and do not treat her like a lady of the house. He should not load his wife’s frail shoulders with men’s work and duties in the family. You should surround your wife and children with affection and love. Understand that the family is your main wealth and support. And only here in the bosom of the family you will find happiness and love, and you will not find happiness on the side of the family.