The “Thank You” formula

Often we find ourselves in a situation where we want to thank someone. “Thank you” is nice, but it’s perceived as a courtesy. And we feel that it would be nice to do something more for the person, so that our thought is, “May you be lucky today and everything work out just fine!” The “thank you” formula is designed for such occasions, to wish the person good luck. It will not work long, a maximum of twenty-four hours. But as long as it will work, good luck will be with a person. How to work with the formula. There are two ways: 1. A simple one, but the duration will be short. After you have completed certain things, for which you want to say a sincere and many thanks, go away from the man a couple of steps, so that you can see him well and imagine in his hand a solar crayon, which you will put the runes. Vodit hand is not necessary, enough to imagine that on a man, on his body, there are runes. While putting, do not forget to feel the very “thank you” within itself, which you want to say. Due to it, the formula will be launched. As long as you feel gratitude, the formula will be energized. As soon as the emotion is no longer relevant, the formula will stop working. 2. more complicated and time-consuming. You will need a piece of paper. Write on it what and who you are grateful for. Just write it like this: Many thanks to Marya Ivanovna, my tax inspector, who noticed the mistake in the report and helped fix it! If it wasn’t for Mary Ivanovna, it would have been a disaster to resubmit the report. You should write all this with gratitude, which lives inside and begs for words, only sincere and honest. If the taxpayer helped you, and you think she did it to get a discount in your store. Here last time she had to sell three things at a 50% discount, and now, apparently, such a toad, will come. Do not even hope that the formula will work. Put a formula on top of what you’ve written. It will be good if you can walk up to a window, go out on a balcony or on the street with your piece of paper. Put it on your palm and imagine that the paper is covered with the lightest golden pollen, as cheerful and cheerful as your desire to thank the person. And blow it off the leaf, not with the wind, but with your breath, direct it toward the person. The leaf can be thrown away. You do not need it anymore, it worked off. Tear it up, leave it for 3 days, keep it in a special folder – do what you want, whatever is the right decision. The formula begins with the middle rune, then the 2 side ones from the middle one and last are the outermost runes. Those who will use the formula – do not wait for anything, but should review the cartoon and remember: do good and throw it in the water! And then – different things happen 🙂