A woman’s quarrel

This formula has the purpose-race the two ladies, the scandal, the scolding between them. Treba Nuda Treba Bereginya np Shadow Bereginya np Treba Nudzha Treba Beregini np ladies behave in a boorish way, they do not respect anything but personal desires and motives, they see only their own self, their own desires, selfishness. Shadow-appears as a dark force, the rune of Chernobog, which will contribute to the scandal, will pull all the negative light, it is in any relationship, it would seem the friendliest, this is the force that will destroy the good. Need is selfishness, everyone needs to get their way at any cost. Me, want, need!!! Every lady will bend her line and no one will yield, they will go all the way to the end of their argument. Needy-egoism, everyone needs to get their way no matter what. Conspiracy:
Options for execution: 1 Apply to a photo of the ladies. 2 Apply on an object and toss it. 3 Apply on a candle, candle on a photo and read, as if on the steam from the candle, the incantation. Can be done in cycles of 3,7,9 days. 4 Put on the egg, the egg is rolled over the photo, read the incantation, then go to a crossroads and there calling the devils to help break the egg. Appeal for the devils: The devils, the devils go, take the job, Maria and Tatiana quarrel with each other, Scandals and scolding, reproaches and scolding between them. Beat the egg: I smash, I destroy, I turn to ashes, I entrust the devils to their work. DTT. We leave the ransom. Let’s go.