How to use the formula: apply the formula to a candle, and do not apply it a certain number of times, but in a spiral, as many as you get, and place it. If you want to get the formula to work, you need to do it in a spiral. After putting it down – light the candle and let it burn. Such candles can be made not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones. The central ligature consists of: 1. Runa Belbog – designation of a man. 2. Runa Chernobog – the designation of what we want to send to theft, into the fire. This can be as induced magical effects, and money troubles, or trouble at work. 3. Rune Krada – through what we get rid of, through the fire, which takes away all the extraneous and what gets in our way. 4. Runa Alatyr – stone, the basis of magic, which can fill the cleansed space with what we need – strength, energy, etc. The ligature on the sides: 1. Runa Rainbow – a quick way from what is to what we want. From negativity and unpleasantness, to positivity and pleasantness. 2. Runa Power – unity with oneself, restoration of wholeness and harmony, the end of cleansing with the desired result. To measure like this