The formula consists of three runes: 1. Necessity – designation of the disease itself. 2. Krada – through what gets rid of, through the fire, which takes away all the extraneous. 3 Alatyr – the stone from under which rivers of healing, living water flow. That which fills the place of disease and brings health. Intend it this way: Thee, a runny nose/ulcer/other trouble, I send to theft, Theft from myself I burn out, I’m getting rid of you with fire, I’m touching the alatyr, With the power of healing, with living water instead of disease, I fill myself up. Let it be so! In this case, the formula must be applied on a candle, not a certain number of times, but in a spiral, as much as you get, and put it. As long as you put it, whisper the intent the whole time. After putting it down – light the candle and let it burn. Such candles can be done not only for oneself, but also for one’s loved ones. While the candle is burning, as well as after it has burned out – you may be thirsty all the time. Drink, but not tea and coffee, but plain, clean, cool water.