The ritual is written for cases of depression, illnesses, including severe ones and surgery. The power of Lelya is used, which is very soft. Lelya is the very young, enthusiastic, cheerful, but her power is not “explosive”, it is not a sharp push, it is a charge of energy, which will allow the sick person to begin to come to himself, to gain confidence, strength, go on the mend. Also, ritual can be used for very small children, Lelya patronizes them and will not only help recovery, but also to feed the child, as “vitamins”. We will charge herbs with the power of Lelia, linden blossom or chamomile. Prepare a decent quantity at one time, therefore, in the incantation part I do not stipulate for someone in particular, because we don’t know who will need it later, so to say, to prepare for the future. Then, if necessary, simply add a little herb to tea, bath water, simply wrap it in a cloth and put it under a pillow. We spill the grass on a white cloth, call Lelu:
Feel the feedback, put your hands on the grass and as if letting the flow of the Power of Lely read 3 times. The incantation
When incontation done, keet herbs and save them. If you feel a loss of strength, a headache, an exacerbation of some disease, or just to improve the health channel, take a little added to the tea. Let’s say you have a sore throat – whisper over the herb:
If we craft for children then words (bold in the text) “к годам юным” – don’t say them.