For strength and serenity

There are days, and sometimes not even days, when the exhaustion and unwillingness to meet someone, to do anything, comes over us with tremendous force. Nothing seems to have happened, there is no reason to be depressed, but you are not in the mood, you don’t want to do anything, and in general, everything is bad! When such a situation arises, you have to get out of it, restore your strength, chase away intrusive negative thoughts, fill yourself with strength, wake up, stretch, and smile.

I use this formula along with the burnoff formula

I put both of these formulas on candles, and then I first invoke them, and then I place them next to each other, and then I light them.
Both formulas are placed on candles, and I first light the candles and then place them next to each other.

The formula consists of runes:
There – the beginning of the filling process, the resumption of what has stalled, which allowed to slip into depression and dejection.
Lada – the sense of self as a woman: young, beautiful, full of strength, loving life, the power of water.
Oud – the power of fire, that which warms and makes the blood flow faster through the veins, that which makes you wake up.
Wind – luck, the wind that fills the sails of life, the fortunate coincidence of circumstances that makes you grasp the situations offered and start moving, rather than slowly falling asleep in your apartment, ignoring life.
The rainbow is the joy that life is beautiful and if you smile, the world smiles back at you, the joy that lives inside you.

If the formula is placed for a woman, then the order of the runes described is followed.
If the formula is placed for a man, the Lada and the Oud are reversed. The Oud is the personification of a young man who is interested in the world and who is interested in the world. And Lada is the influx of strength, the intuitive desire to respond to impulses and follow one’s desires.

Put the formula on a candle and 3 times recite the incantation on it:

For a normal loss of strength, 1-3 candles are enough. If a person is depressed for a long time, work for at least a week every day. If medical diagnoses are involved, then one lunar month. It is possible to say the candles at one time and place them every day.