A rotten corruption on a relationship

Use this spell if you decided to spoil a relationship between two people, no matter which kind: love, friendship, family, colleagues or boss / employee. First determine which of the two is the weak side of the relationship. Who is more susceptible, who is more emotional and more likely to lose their temper, who is usually provoking quarrels and arguments, who harbors resentments and does not forgive them. The work should always start with the one who is the weakest link in the relationship. If it is crucial that Peter start a quarrel with Lucy, and not Lucy with Peter, then work on Peter Next, you will need a flower that belongs to the object. You can switch or take a flower that the object is caring for, and yes, a cactus will do as well. If you can’t take or swap entire flower then break off a twig and sprout it. Taking a flower that sits in the office and doesn’t belong to the object is the same as buying a new one. If you can’t get a plant associated with the object, you buy a new plant. Do not take a plant from your home, one you don’t need, buy a new one! And it is desirable to read about the properties of a flower before buying it. If you are choosing between two plants, take the one that would please the person you are going to work on. Also, for the work we will need a mirror, which should fit well at the bottom of the flower planter and two photos of the object. Take the mirror and breathe on it, then using your finger draw a cross with arms of equal length while saying:
Then pull out the flower with the soil and put a mirror on the bottom of the pot. On top of the mirror put the photo of the object so that they are reflected in the mirror. Put the flower back. Take the pot in your hands and read three times:
Then take another picture, burn it, and put ashes into the soil and pour some water on it, so that they won’t scatter. While watering say those words:
Put a flower in a bowl and abundantly water it so that it starts to rot. It is necessary to pour not only water but also a little bit of your own urine in it. It is better to keep the flower on the balcony. If it’s all the same whom to spoil in a pair – then take a paired photo and work with it.