Home protection “Bereginya”

This protection has several functions, the first and main one is protection. The protection is based on the power of Makoshi, that is, she is soft, she tries not to cause any harm, but if Bereginya gets angry, then no one will get hurt. It is like a mother protecting her children. She can even smack her kids, but anyone who tries to get close to them – will tear them into little pieces. And so is this protection: enveloping, soft, soothing. Its basis is the chir of Makosh. Next comes the inner, first circle. The purpose of this circle is to fill with energy the space of the house, the space inside the protective contour. This is the second function of the formula – to fill the house with differently directed energy. The pattern in the first circle consists of four runes: Ud+Lada and Wind+Rainbow. The first pair (male and female runes) oud + vlad are fire and water, desire and fulfillment, the possibilities and their use. So that everyone in the house could express themselves, so that the interests were multidirectional, but the value of family members to each other – not called into question. The second pair, wind + rainbow, is the power of good luck, happy endings of affairs, fun, cheerfulness, inventiveness and laughter. The task of this pair is to ensure that the water (lada) in the house does not stagnate and from a ringing stream does not turn into a rotten puddle; that the fire (oud) burns at full force, rather than smoldering slowly, almost fading, giving neither light nor heat. Ligature in the second circle consists of 3 runes: Bereginya-Opory-Dazhbog. Protective ligature, which overlaps the possibility of working for the family, for those who are under protection in all directions. Male and female beginnings (Bereginya and Dazhdbog), who protect their family, their clan, their support. They protect not only from magic negativity, but also from what is called a family emergency. Neither Makosh, nor Dazh do not love poverty, nor illness, nor quarrels with discord. The third function, hidden, is the succession of generations in the family. When the granddaughter understands the grandmother, and the son ceases to resent the father, when parents begin to understand their children, and children begin to understand their parents. The formula will normalize all family ties, aligning them in a way that is best for each family member individually and all together. How to work with the formula: it is better to put it on some natural material. Ideally, it should be placed on a birch tree. The object should not leave/remove from the house under any circumstances. Protection is always inside the protected object. Place formula on the object. Light a candle with the chiras of Makosh. Take the object in your hands and read the incantation 3 times so that your breath touched the amulet:
Makoshi – bow and tribute: feed the yard cats or swimming birds in the park (ducks, swans).