Protection of the sword (atam) on the power of Perun

You will need – a knife, with a natural handle, the knife choose to be to the shower, perhaps put on your atam. A candle – on it we spiral the chir of Perun, we go to Solon. Take the knife in the left hand, hold it over the flame and read.
The tributes to Perun are liquor and whatever he asks for, perhaps a knife. Blade for blade)). You can slightly tweak and put as protection on the house, then put the blade to the entrance of the door (cutting off the negative from the threshold). Another option for those who have the opportunity to go into nature. Option not required. On the ground cherish the runu Perun, stick over her handle atam, a tip of himself, read the incantation on the 4 sides, beginning with the east. After you take out the atam, bring the tributes to Perun.