Cleaning with steals

Before you start working with krada, it is worth learning more about this rune. Krada – Slavic rune, it denotes funeral pyre. Fire so strong that it breaks the connection between events, worlds, things and people. Since childhood, we have heard the phrase “matches are not a toy for children. A match is not a toy 3 times over. To use such a pure as regular or the simplest, and what could be easier – put it on a candle, light it and everything works – is not worth it. Cleanse once a month, on a waning moon general cleaning – that’s fine. And if you want to remove something locally, specifically, you can do it too, but only one candle, no more. You should not put it for a week, a month, and a year and a half every day. Put it for a week, a month, a year and a half every day – no need, and it will not become stronger or better. Yes, the strength of the work of krada, of course, depends on your understanding of this rune, and from the setting of it, and the setting on the fire, but now we are looking at a work for a beginner, who has none of these settings, he just need to take the rite, make it, and to get better. This is the kind of work you will need the smallest candles on which to place the rune “steal”. Runu put something sharp, in a spiral, as many will fit on a candle, the candle to spin in a clockwise direction. How many will fit, so much is correct: fit 3 – fine, 27 – so it’s right for you. Working with a steal can be compared to taking antibiotics. If you were told to take one pill a day – that’s one pill a day, no more. Do you feel like it’s not working? Do you want another one? No, the antibiotic won’t work any harder, but it will harm your body. It’s the same with the stole. Three days. Three days in a row you can do a general cleaning or a local one. After that – that’s enough. The candles are also the smallest. Krada will have enough time to solve your problem, if it is solved this way. If it does not – even if you put a candle for 24 hours – it still does not help. Krada is a funeral pyre and there must be exactly as much wood in it as necessary. In order to burn that which no longer belongs to this world, in order to have enough power to break ties between you and troubles, you and problems. Not much, the stole does not burn for twenty-four hours, it is not a smokehouse; not little – you do not plant wood in the stole, it is not a pioneer fire. Any changes in the scheme of work with krada – only after the approval of the attending physician or – practice, with which you work. No practice means only as I wrote, unless you want to do more damage to yourself than the problem did. I don’t recommend working with illness as a theft. There are very subtle points here, when you can apply it, when you can’t, it’s complicated, so use annealing, which is in the thread, on health. With the theft you can not remove the settling of the dead or demons, but you can weaken their influence on you, break the connection, then it will be restored, but it will be easier. Work like this: 1. How to make and what candles to take – I wrote above. 2. We put a candle in front of ourselves, if you work for another person, then on his photo. 3. without lighting the candle, read the incantation 1 time. 4. Light a candle and read the plot two more times. 5. The candle burns to the end, it is impossible to extinguish the candle. 6. The remains – just throw in the trash, the photo can be used in the work on, you do not need to bring anyone trebs, as well as payoffs. Below I will give several conspiracies of work with theft. They are universal, you can change them according to your needs. General cleansing on the theft

Relationship Cleanup

Money Channel Cleaning