Dark Side Smile Formula

Life is a very familiar thing, and half of the time (or even much more) a person is in a conditionally-conscious state. That is, consciousness is present, but in some background form. We pass by the interesting, remarkable, funny, surprising, wonderful things, because we are used to following a route, from day to day, from month to month, from year to year. We do not live, we function. We move. We remove, push away everything that interferes with our habitual worries. And gradually, there are more and more such moments, removed, displaced. It is almost a full-fledged universe, alternative to us. The dark side. Dark – not in the sense of “bad”, but hidden from us. And what we do not see, do not notice, does not exist for us at all. The formula is for discovering this secret world, and not just “discovering” it, but “Ah! Wow! Wow!” Joys, wonders and surprises where we pass by. Do you wish to be amazed anew? See the hidden, the secret, where everything seemed to have long ago become familiar and extremely banal? Welcome to the Dark Side 🙂 And it has something to amaze you. In the most pleasant of senses. shadow-rainbow-shadow formula.jpg The formula is simple, two runes Rainbow (joy, discovery, wow!) and two runes Shadow (that “dark side” you wrote about above). In the background comes Treba, which will not let you pass, literally poke his nose and offer more and more, until you are satiated with positive experiences. It is suggested to use as follows. In the morning take a cookie (yes, cookies – constant attribute of the dark side, they are in abundance), put it on the formula, say the intention – and eat. Formula short action, about a day. Intent: