Find your way on the power of Dazhdbog and Veles

This ritual is a kind of “shockwave” when we want something and can’t get it, a kind of opening of ways, but not really. There are situations when we go to instances and receive either a refusal, or a “soccer”, or we do not even know from which side to approach what we want to get, and the desire itself seems unreal to fulfill, or there are only obstacles on our way, and there are so many roads, but we have to choose the only right one. Examples: a new job, and we have certain criteria for the expected position, and let’s say we have a small child, and we want a high position and appropriate pay, and that the work is not far from home, and no one wants to take a baby, not to mention the position. Or a second example, we want to be cured, and we need to treat the doctor was the one who will lead to a cure, will make the right appointment, and the free quotas do not prevent us, and we are driven from office to office in the local clinic and called astronomical sums, and doctors do not inspire confidence. This is approximately the ritual written for such “neglected” cases. His first part of the ritual-remove barriers Power Dazhbog, the second part, get the right way to solve the problem-Power of Veles. Need two candles on them we put chir: on one-chir Dazhbog, on the other-chir of Veles, twisted together, put in a candlestick in the photo. It is possible to take small candles, it is possible to take large candles and to execute ritual for some days. The incantation .
Read three times. The words can be changed depending on the direction of your question. If you take large candles, read them three times and let them burn for another hour. If you take large candles, then read three times, let them burn for another hour, put them out, and according to mantics do again with the same candles, maybe you will need a cycle of 3 days.