Formula for prosperity and success in business

The formula attracts financial well-being, financial stability, good luck in affairs in the home and/or for a particular person. If you want to do for a specific person: put the runes on a candle in a spiral from the wick to the bottom and on a photo of the person, light it and recite the incantation. If you want to do it for the house: light a candle in the house and work for the well-being of the house, for the good luck of those who live in it. This formula can be used before an important event, which must be decided in your favor: a job interview, a deal, a purchase, a trial, enrollment, etc. The formula consists of 4 runes: alatyr, shoregirl, dazhbog, rainbow. Conspiracy:
You shouldn’t read everything at once. If you want good luck for yourself, leave “yourself” in the text, remove “home”. If you want for the house – just the house. If you are working on a specific event – then specify that luck and profit are needed in this case.