Lucky Formula

In essence, this formula is a game with mrzd: it generates successful roads, and the shortest ones at that. No, it doesn’t make everything feel good; the shortest route is not always the cleanest, most groomed, and easiest. But if you don’t dwell on the methods, but catch the wave, you can learn a lot of interesting things with this formula. It’s like a generator of accidents, which, that is, all of them, can be turned to your advantage, if you do not grab the first one, for example, that you were pushed in the street, and you stepped in a puddle, and go on. By the way, and the puddle is not necessary, as well as the rain when you are late for an interview and there is no umbrella. But we are such creatures that few can do without a puddle, at heart many of us believe that good luck, a happy set of circumstances are not given for free, somewhere must be the payback and nastiness. Of course, this is fundamentally wrong, but if you really want to, then let the puddle be the payback for a great day. I recommend that the formula be placed directly on the body, you can do it with saliva or a pen. If you don’t have any intention, put your hand or lean towards your leg and whisper once in the formula: I’m a lucky man, today is my lucky day! And go ahead, into the world, with your eyes wide open and childlike trust that the world has prepared a lot of surprises and gifts for you and is itself worried about not disappointing you and surprising you properly! A formula for those who like to play with mrzd or want to learn it. Wear it for 1 day, then take it off. You can put it on for the night, so that at night, in your sleep, you can experience some amazing adventure.

The formula consists of: Saulu (4 pieces) is luck, luck in all its versatility and impossibility. Perth (2 pieces) are roads under your feet, your ability to use luck in any way you want, in any way you want, for any cause. You can leave a crossroads by at least 4 roads, and I can’t even count how many of them you can fly away by. Feu (2 pieces) is for you to be happy with the material side of the adventure, the coffee is exceptionally fragrant, the cakes are delicious, the sausage is even tastier than the cakes! Vuño (2 pieces) – may joy and lightness not leave you, happiness tickling under your ribs in the heart area, so that you can laugh all day long and be happy about what’s going on.