The key to all doors

First, it is necessary to address Veles. Go to him with gifts, ask him to point out a thing, an ornament, which will serve as a key. It will not necessarily be in the form of a key. It can be any piece of jewelry which Veles will point out to you. You will understand it. You will see and feel that it is just the object. Then go to the store, find the necessary ornament and buy it. On your way, pass by a crossroads and leave a piece of bread, a bun, a handful of grain at the crossroads. This will be thanks to Veles for his help. When you come home, put Veles’s chirch on a candle, and read the incantation on the purchased object:
If you need to move from the dead point of a particular case, we go to Veles with gifts, of course, and ask to give power to the amulet to open opportunities in the right direction, to solve a particular problem. But sometimes it is worth thinking whether you need what you want 😉

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