The Whip

Sometimes in our life we meet not very nice people with whom we have to coexist for certain reasons. And these people are rude, and to respond to rudeness rude – to fight back not always in your power. Can be involved, for example, as a teacher. And to remove them from life is not possible have to endure. But evil takes it. Especially when you have as a witch the opportunity to punish on merit. It is not necessary to kill – just an educational process, when they do not understand the words to help comes magic.
As in the famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault, “Fairy Gifts” wants to give a boor what he deserves.
She had barely had time to approach the spring, as a smartly dressed lady came out of the woods to meet her and asked for a sip of water. (It was the same fairy, only this time she took the form of a princess, to see if the older sister was as rude and evil as they say.)

– You don’t think I came here to get you drunk, do you? – said the girl defiantly. – Well, of course you did! I have brought the silver jug deliberately to offer water for your Grace. And anyway, I don’t care. Drink if you like.

– But you are not very kind,” said the fairy quietly. – Well, as you do me a favor, so shall be your reward. From this day forward, every word that comes out of your mouth will turn into a snake or a toad. Farewell!

As soon as the girl returned home, her mother rushed to meet her:

– Is that you, my daughter? How’s that?

– That’s it, mother! – murmured back the daughter, and in the same instant two vipers and two toads plunged on the threshold.

And so we offer you the Knut.

Stav put on the person and every outburst in your direction the person gets either a headache, or diarrhea, or some other pleasant surprise. This is how to talk whip.

Effective runes

Taiwaz + Nautiz is a whip blow hard and straight. Hitting like an arrow precisely on target. And without options and forcibly as a whip trainer.
Dagas – in this case, as a mirror reflects the lunge from the object in your direction. The object wanted to offend you, but Dagaz reverses the blow back in the direction of the object with gifts.
The conjunction Inguz+Hagal – those gifts that the object receives from you. Inguz is like a seed that grows and develops, and develops in a destructive way (Hagal) in relation to the object.
Saulu – makes the action that happened to the object become obvious and public – noticeable. Not just an adventure happened to him for no reason, but it shows the cause-and-effect relationship – the action – an attack against you ends, so to speak, trouble, and in public – publicly.
Yera is the engine of constancy – every lunge does not go unpunished. The whip strikes regularly and aptly.