Wishing Notebook.

By December 31, we buy a new, very beautiful notebook (a notebook is fine). But we choose so that very much liked the notebook. Buy it according to the rules. This notebook will be your wish-book. From the 31st to the 1st of the day we will make a ritual. Stelim a new clean tablecloth on your altar, then we expose a circle with attributes for 4 elements: the East element of Air – a feather, the South element of Fire – a lit candle. To the West, the element of Water – a bowl of silent water or a well, to the North, the element of Earth – a saucer of earth. We place the notebook in the center. We recite:
Then write down your wishes in a notebook! On each new moon, we make a spell, and if there are new wishes, we write them down in the notebook.