Fire cleaning with return on the power of Semargle

Before the work, a summons. Twist together at least three candles, you can 7, 9, according to the number of years, choose the best option for yourself. Photo, on the photo in a candlestick or on a white saucer candles, depending on the number, on the photo cheer Semargle. Conspiracy:
Semarglu Svarozhich bows! Read three times. You can do it outdoors, making a fire brighter, brighter))) read on the four sides of the world, and then wash with the flames, imagining that all the nastiness is coming down with the fire. In the Kupala that is the only night of the year when Semargl descends to the Earth responding to the call of the Kupalnitsa. In this case, you will be able to use a fire, read the incantation on the four sides of the world, and after each reading, jump over the fire.