House cleaning for salt

We make sacks, we invoke salt, we spread it around the house, in the corners necessarily. The minimum quantity is 4 pieces, according to the number of corners in the house. Make the salt by pouring it into a convenient container (made of natural material), then put it into sacks or tie it in a cloth. A spell on salt:
Read three times. Spread out in 4 corners, in each corner recite incantation. We put it for 3, 7, and 9 days, for the whole waning period, after that we throw it away. It is also possible to throw in the river, but the sacks should be untied and thrown without them: What went out of the house into the water went in, what went out of the house into the water dissolved. When leaving, throw a few coins in the water. It is possible to throw them in a garbage can, but it is obligatory to take them out of the house. You can do with the return at the crossroads. Then collect the bags and bring them to a crossroads, at a crossroads call devils: Devils, devils, I call you, I entrust you with a job, punish my offenders, who sent negative things to my house, return negative things to them, by pain and tears, by troubles and ruined deeds. In the evening, in the evening, touch the salt and then touch the mirror. In this case, you will have to remember that the magic potion will be used for the malicious and unlawful action of the spirits.