Soft cleansing treatment on the water (whispering)

Whispering on water, a cleansing similar to waxing and rolling out an egg. It is soft enough to use for children, but nevertheless effective. This cleansing does not bring results immediately, it is necessary to do the cycle of cleaning 7 – 12 times. Results will be stronger if you know how to tune into the water, turn off the internal dialogue and can fully focus on the work. Water is a unique element and it plays a big role in our lives. Since our childhood we are read fairy tales about living and dead water, we ourselves are mostly water, we originate and develop in water. Water is what everyone remembers. Water is what can clean itself, wipe away written information. You will need a container of water for your work. It is better to make it glass, transparent, you should take not less water than a salad bowl. For work, it is better to use water which does not carry the information in itself – melted or spring water. I would also recommend river water, but only for those who have clean rivers, mountain rivers, and not those that flow through our cities. If you work personally with a person, then sit him so that he could look into the water. It will be difficult for a child to sit in one place, so it is easier to work with children when they are asleep. Place a bowl in the headboard and work. If there is no opportunity to work in person, work with a photo. Under the bottom of the bowl and look at the photo as you work. Work with a volt – dip the volt into the water, into the bowl and whisper. Light 3 candles around the bowl. In front of you, on your right and on your left. If you are working with a person face-to-face, have them dip their fingers or hands into the water. If by photo – you dip and read the incantation 12 times. From an illness
Say this secret ritual on a glass with water and give it to a man to drink. If you feel that your beloved has (name) and you know that magic will bring (name) and health (name), then you will have (name) and health (name) – in this way, you will have strength and power to reach the mainland and the rivers. If you will hear a voice of the poem, and you will hear a voice of the incantation, and then you will hear a voice of the poem. If it will be so. In this case, you will be able to use the water in the toilet, to wash the bowl with salt, to wash your hands and face in cold water.