To take away the power of the moroks over a man

If it seems to you that your man behaves strangely, like a frozen man, frequently changes his point of view on the same question, expresses contradictory opinions, in general – behaves strangely and not quite adequately, perhaps he is being fooled and pimply. This ritual will remove such influences. You will need 3 candles and a photo of the man. Place a candle in a triangle, put a photo of a man in the middle of the triangle and three times to read the incantation. Do so 3 nights in a row. After the ritual is recommended to put on a man protection against such influences.
Name 1 – name of the woman who reads the spell on the man. Name 2 – the name of the man. P.S. Amorochki and besomka can be used not only in love magic, so the ritual can be changed under the removal of any besomochki and not only with men.