The "I Have to!" formula.

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The "I Have to!" formula.


Unread post by Bast » Tue Aug 31, 2021 6:38 pm

The "I Have to!" formula.

The formula "I Need!" is designed to get what I want. When something is very necessary to get quickly and urgently. It works as a clear order: designating your requirements to the universe and sending a "give"! For example, to rent an apartment or find something urgently, to get a cherished signature on a document or a visa. Not suitable for large desires that require a significant change in the external and internal situation. Works well for short and clear definitions. Tomorrow it is. The intention for it is set with a clear timeline, it's a must. We don't use the words "tomorrow, soon, etc." in the intention. - It's a stretchy concept.
Example: I need to get ....... on January 20, 2019. etc.


The formula is simple in its graphics and consists of 4 runes:
Alatyr - a clear awareness of what you need to do or receive as a result of the formula.
Dazhbog - denotes the material embodiment of the conceived (set) you this "Necessary", the result itself.
Anchor - it is the seriousness and weight of your intention, what you really need. And it doesn't matter whether I want it now or have wanted it for a long time. It is important to want it now, sincerely and strongly.
Necessity means an acute need for what you are asking for, "I have to, otherwise I can't. Well, very, very much needs. If the runes of support and need not coincide with how you feel - will not work.

Before you put the formula determine what you're asking for, and feel the urgent need for it. Tune in to the problem and its solution. Next, describe the problem on a piece of paper and put the formula on top or find an image of what you want to get. Tune in to his need - a problem, imagine the outcome, put the runes, put a sheet of runes on top of his palm and clearly and confidently make the intention:
Мне НАДО получить .......... Да будет так!
Mne NADO poluchit' .......... Da budet tak!
I need to get ........... So be it!
Once the problem is solved and the desired result - the formula is released in any way.

I'm telling you right away that you can't do this with intentions like: "I need to get my son to die" or "I need Peter to marry me". No matter how much you want it, it won't work. Such questions cannot be solved in one day and with one formula.