Opening the roads

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Opening the roads


Unread post by Bast » Tue Aug 31, 2021 6:23 pm

Opening the roads

Simple formula. It is used in cases when your business lacks impetus to make it move. It can be some process in your life (search for a job, sale, purchase, etc.) or some magical work.


The formula consists of the runes Force, Treba, Wind.

Approximate arrangement
Силу в дело своё (какое) вливаю, везение да удачу привлекаю,
Силою отныне дело моё полнится, к результату нужному путь торится,
Ровную да лёгкую дорогу делу (какому) удача даёт, быстро к цели меня ведёт.
Да будет так!
Silu v delo svojo (kakoe) vlivaju, vezenie da udachu privlekaju,
Siloju otnyne delo mojo polnitsja, k rezul'tatu nuzhnomu put' toritsja,
Rovnuju da ljogkuju dorogu delu (kakomu) udacha dajot, bystro k celi menja vedjot.
Da budet tak!
If you do not know what you are doing, you will not be able to do it,
In this case, my case will be full of power, and the way to the desired result will be sharpened,
The luck and good luck for (what) business will be smooth and easy, it will lead me quickly to the goal.
So be it!
Read it three times.

Apply it in different ways - put the formula on a candle, put it on something that symbolizes frozen business (documents, resume, sales announcement) and light a candle. Or put the formula itself on documents, etc. If you need to push magical work - this is just the case when you can place two formulas on one medium - your main one, and somewhere on a free place - a push to the cause.