How to order a reading

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How to order a reading


Unread post by Bast » Wed Sep 01, 2021 12:46 pm

How to order a reading

1. If you want to find out if the plot is suitable for your situation, write in the subject of your interest.
2. If you are sure that you want this particular plot, write immediately in a private message to the person who will do the plot. That's the person on whose behalf was the first message in the thread, that is: Bast, Ardana, Bird, Green Branch.

3. In each rascal written data, which must be provided. All data are provided only in private, nothing should be put on the forum. We guarantee privacy and the information provided that it will only be used to fulfill your order.
4. You will also be sent an email to your personal details and the cost of the work.
5. After paying and providing all the necessary data for reckoning, within a day, you get the made reckoning in a personal account on the forum.
6. Allowed questions clarifying the plot, but no more than 3 and this clarifying questions, but not viewing another direction. Clarifying questions - this is you do not understand something in the written response, and not a similar layout on another person.

Warning: all responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided is on the customer of the reading. If you're asking about your relationship with Petya, how it will develop, and there is no relationship between you - then no one will go into the thread and look through what's really going on between you and Petya. You asked a question in order to get an answer. And you will get one. You can see examples of answers in the section for each of the reckoning.

All of your general questions on the reading you can ask in this thread. If you can't pick up a reading on your own, ask a question in this thread, we'll be sure to tell you what's best to take.

What we do not:
1. We do not discuss what exactly will be made on the deployment: runes, tarot, Lenorman, animal dice, or something else. The work is done in the way that is convenient to the practitioner.
2. We don't provide the reading itself and the cards/runes/brands/shadows/etc. and we don't discuss why the card that fell in that position was interpreted the way it was interpreted. If you want to understand, go learn.