Return through water and salt

Take a handful of salt as much as will fit in your hand, any container, there salt and add water.


Fire cleaning with return on the power of Semargle

Before the work, a summons. Twist together at least three candles, you can 7, 9, according to the number of

House cleaning for salt

We make sacks, we invoke salt, we spread it around the house, in the corners necessarily. The minimum quantity is 4 pieces, according to the number of corners in the house. Make the salt by pouring it into a convenient container (made of natural material), then put it into sacks or tie it in a cloth.

Shifting the problems to a shiny thing

Take any shiny ornament, and the more shiny the better. Closer to midnight, take an atam or a working knife,

To take away the power of the moroks over a man

If it seems to you that your man behaves strangely, like a frozen man, frequently changes his point of view on the same question, expresses contradictory opinions, in general – behaves strangely and not quite adequately, perhaps he is being fooled and pimply. This ritual will remove such influences.

Soft cleansing treatment on the water (whispering)

Whispering on water, a cleansing similar to waxing and rolling out an egg. It is soft enough to use for children, but nevertheless effective.
This cleansing does not bring results immediately, it is necessary to do the cycle of cleaning 7 – 12 times. Results will be stronger if you know how to tune into the water, turn off the internal dialogue and can fully focus on the work.

Flushing in the shower

Еще летом я делаю его в реке, тогда вместо струи идет Река и имя реки.

Strong cleansing with baked salt

Buy a packet of rock salt, pour the whole packet into a bowl and, stirring the salt with your hands, read the incantation 9 times.
Then pour a handful of salt on a dry frying pan. Put the pan on the fire. Do not stir the salt, read 9 times while the salt is pouring: