The Whip

Sometimes in our life we meet not very nice people with whom we have to coexist for certain reasons. And these people are rude, and to respond to rudeness rude – to fight back not always in your power. Can be involved, for example, as a teacher. And to remove them from life is not possible have to endure. But evil takes it. Especially when you have as a witch the opportunity to punish on merit. It is not necessary to kill – just an educational process, when they do not understand the words to help comes magic.


Take your work off on a ball of thread

Buy dark woolen thread, preferably pure wool, and wind it in a ball. For work, reel off a small ball, the size of a chicken egg from the main one, and work with it. Take a photo of someone who worked on and with whom we will pull their work, on the reverse side of the photo, write the name of the work that we want to remove. For example, the subordination to you, Vasya, listen to me at work.