The “I Have to!” formula.

The formula “I Need!” is designed to get what I want. When something is very necessary to get quickly and urgently. It works as a clear order: designating your requirements to the universe and sending a “give”!


Wishing Notebook.

By December 31, we buy a new, very beautiful notebook (a notebook is fine). But we choose so that very much liked the notebook. Buy it according to the rules. This notebook will be your wish-book.

Find your way on the power of Dazhdbog and Veles

This ritual is a kind of “shockwave” when we want something and can’t get it, a kind of opening of ways, but not really. There are situations when we go to instances and receive either a refusal, or a “soccer”, or we do not even know from which side to approach what we want to get, and the desire itself seems unreal to fulfill, or there are only obstacles on our way, and there are so many roads, but we have to choose the only right one.

Opening the roads

Simple formula. It is used in cases when your business lacks impetus to make it move. It can be some process in your life (search for a job, sale, purchase, etc.) or some magical work.

The key to all doors

If you need to move from the dead point of a particular case, we go to Veles with gifts, of course, and ask to give power to the amulet to open opportunities in the right direction, to solve a particular problem. But sometimes it is worth thinking whether you need what you want 😉

Opening roads across the water

Take your photo, put it in a container and freeze it in the freezer, better not in the freezer, but

Formula for prosperity and success in business

The formula attracts financial well-being, financial stability, good luck in affairs in the home and/or for a particular person.

Dark Side Smile Formula

Life is a very familiar thing, and half of the time (or even much more) a person is in a