Home protection “Bereginya”

This protection has several functions, the first and main one is protection. The protection is based on the power of Makoshi, that is, she is soft, she tries not to cause any harm, but if Bereginya gets angry, then no one will get hurt. It is like a mother protecting her children. She can even smack her kids, but anyone who tries to get close to them – will tear them into little pieces. And so is this protection: enveloping, soft, soothing. Its basis is the chir of Makosh.


Protective amulet “On the bottom of the cat’s eye”

Redesigning and adapting the Cat’s Eye Low Defender for yourself. (one of the variants)

Protection of the sword (atam) on the power of Perun

You will need – a knife, with a natural handle, the knife choose to be to the shower, perhaps put on your atam.
A candle – on it we spiral the chir of Perun, we go to Solon.
Take the knife in the left hand, hold it over the flame and read.

Retribution Defence

This formula was invented under certain circumstances – when certain people decided that the best way to deal with us was to constantly pick at our defenses and keep them in a blistering state. The formula was invented under certain circumstances – when some people decided that the best way to deal with us was to constantly pick at protections with their hands and keep them blistered.

Protection on the ring with Dazhdbog “Sunshield”

Light a candle, put a ring through it, read into the fire three times, then wait for the candle to burn out, put the ring on your hand. Metal – preferably gold. If there are stones in the ring, work with them separately.
After the work is done, within one day we bring a prayer to Dazhdbog.

Home protection on the salt

Protection of the house on the salt
Principle of action: we will build a protective salt circle, the purpose of which is: “Intruders entry B” ) )))

Fire Protection with Semargle

Semargle – Slavic god of primordial fire and fertility, god-herald, capable to unite and multiply the forces of all Svarozhich. According to one of the versions Semargle fire god is the first Svarozhich, i.e. the fearsome son of Svarog, born from the blow of the heavenly hammer on the Alatyr stone.

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Return through water and salt

Take a handful of salt as much as will fit in your hand, any container, there salt and add water.