A rotten corruption on a relationship

If you decided to spoil a relationship between two people, no matter which kind: love, friendship, family, colleagues or boss / employee


Protection for the couple’s relationship

This protection is put on a couple, not just a couple, but on the relationship the couple has.

The Serpent Scarapey: on the fury of the fierce

The Serpent Scarapey: on the fury of the fierce
Ritual for rage, anger, aggression

A woman’s quarrel

This formula has the purpose-race the two ladies, the scandal, the scolding between them.

The Hysteria Formula

The formula is designed to destroy relationships in a couple (family or love relationship). The formula is placed on a woman and causes her irritability, constant discontent, nagging, hysterical and understanding that everything is bad and they (with this man) are not a couple.

For peace and prosperity at home

When you clean your house, you remove the energy, the programs that bring negativity into your life, into your house, all those things that irritate, prevent you from getting what you want. Often during purges people become more irritable and aggressive, and when you clean the house, it can affect everyone who lives in it.

The “Thank You” formula

Often we find ourselves in a situation where we want to thank someone. “Thank you” is nice, but it’s perceived as a courtesy. And we feel that it would be nice to do something more for the person, so that our thought is, “May you be lucky today and everything work out just fine!”

The Perfect Husband Formula

First Plan Otal – family Teivaz Saulu Feu – with this conjunction we mark an ideal husband and place it